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Nashik man taking selfie falls 700ft into gorge, cheats death

A 35-year-old Nashik man, who was returning after a holiday in Goa, had a miraculous escape after he fell 700 feet deep into a gorge in the Amboli ghat area in Sindhudurg district around 4 pm on Wednesday. The victim, Sampat Mahale, decided to stop near a waterfall to click a selfie when he lost balance and went sliding down the gorge.

Mahale was rescued after a five-hour operation by a team of police, trained trekkers and local youths. Surprisingly, despite falling 700 feet into the ravine and sustaining bruises all over the body, Mahale returned to Nashik with his family after being administered basic first aid. He was later admitted to a hospital in Nashik.

“The victim was returning home with his family and friends after a trip to Goa when they decided to halt near a waterfall to click photographs. Mahale was standing on a boulder near the waterfall to click a selfie when he lost balance and skidded down the gorge. We rushed to the spot after his wife informed local police,” a policeman said. “While the disaster management team and a group of locals used ropes to climb down the gorge, eight other rescuers walked down the ghat from the other end, which was five kilometres away.”


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